Are you worthy to accompany Me... The CUNTRESS?

**  you pay for all of My travel and accommodation expenses, including a chaperone and/or bodyguard of My choosing... If traveling overseas to dangerous countries, or those known for trafficking women, or where women's rights are not equal to Australia's I will require a full security team to ensure my safety, at your expense.

I am willing to fly Qantas business class to prestigious fetish events anywhere in the world, or on another premium airline of My choosing (if Qantas is not available).**

I will be attending Mistress Precious' Halloween Party on 28 October 2017, and will be filming exclusively from Her premises for the week following.

I will be attending DomCon New Orleans in October 2017 for My Birthday, if a slave is devoted enough to pay My travel expenses and accommodation. All of My friends and devotees are depositing money into My Qantas wallet, so don't hesitate to contribute to My Birthday holiday this year piggies... Hip Hip Hooray!

FinDom Cuntress Financial Domination Australia and Worldwide in all its forms, cash pigs, human ATMs, shopping sprees, wallet raping via website/Skype, FemDomme in person, Cash Meets and real life Domination sessions with Me Mistress Gabrielle... and or you can travel with Me around the world if you have enough Cash piggy.