My hash tag... #4EverCashslaves

Some of the text  and images contained on this website were previously used on My superseded FinDom sites over the last 15 years...

#FinDomCuntress Thrifty Tips

Let Me teach you how to budget the Cuntress way...

1. Give blood at The Red Cross... in some countries they pay you for blood, so you can gift the money to Me... Bleed for Me piggy.

2. Give sperm for your Mistress. Find a sperm bank that pays you for sperm before you gift your testicles money to Me.

3. Reuse your razor until your face is bleeding or buy a razor sharpener. Save, save, save piggy.

4. Go sober. you NO longer need to drink with the boys. Give Me Cash NOW!

5. Don't worry about a car and its costs, sell it and get a bike you lazy fat piggy... Ride to work or use public transport, the Goddess gave you legs for a reason!

6. Learn how to pack your lunch for work or starve. Air and dust are calorie free!

7. Give up smoking. Now I'm your addiction.

8. Give up porn sites and hookers; only download Me, 24/7.

9. STOP paying for the gym and sports. If you do it enough, opening your wallet is exercise! So give, give, give piggy.

10. Limit spending on friends, family and even your spouse, I deserve your money more!

11. Get rid of pay TV, read a book or My websites over and over again.

12. Stop using your phone UNLESS it's for Me & save more cash for ME!

13. Don't go to the movies or buy movies, UNLESS they are MINE. 

Let's begin the fun of extracting My money from you online...

1st - Small one off payments from useless pay pigs...

It's not necessary to know who sent Me these pathetic amounts of cash, just know I am laughing at you anonymous piggies.

For everyone else... For Me to get the most out of you, you are going to need My firm guidance.

2nd - Photographic proof of larger amounts ($100+) cleared funds alerting Me of your hard earned contributions to My fabulous life.


MMS:    +61 402 572 063

Include the type of FINDOM desired or slavery you are begging for.

3rd -  I will acknowledge your contributions of over $100 via My social media using the name you specify.

Cuntress... "Evil never goes out of style!"

Mistress Gabrielle (aka Cuntress)

My mantra: "REMEMBER, I'm not interested in your thoughts, feelings or opinions; I am only interested in what you can do for Me. I expect you to deposit your hard earned cash into My bank account... To Me you are only as good as your credit limit and your next payment, rinsing, wallet raping or extraction!"

FinDom Cuntress Financial Domination Australia and Worldwide in all its forms, cash pigs, human ATMs, shopping sprees, wallet raping via website/Skype, FemDomme in person, Cash Meets and real life Domination sessions with Me Mistress Gabrielle... and or you can travel with Me around the world if you have enough Cash piggy.